Saturday, July 29, 2006

Von Wielligh Street and Others II

Above: Nugget Street
Above: Pritchard Street, which runs up to the Supreme Court Building

Above: Gutted building, Rissik Street.
Above: A Classical facade building, bricked up, Simmonds Street.
Above: The former Nurses College Dormitory, Claim Street - today an abandoned ruin with squatters - detail of window below.


Blogger Konrad Kruger said...

Dr. Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd.

Dr. Verwoerd’s aim was to create a South African state where whites would be the demographic majority, in order to ensure that white South Africans were not swamped or destroyed by a black African majority. In order to achieve this, ten black independent states were created. Blacks were given the vote in their own states instead of in South Africa. These were the original areas of descent for the ten black nations. The homeland policy effectively made blacks the citizens of their respective countries. Population transfers occurred into these new nations. These new nations occupied most of the fertile land, with high rainfall available in South Africa.

During Dr. Verwoerd's term in office, South Africa ceased to be a Commonwealth realm under Queen Elizabeth II known as the Union of South Africa, instead becoming a Republic in 1961, known as the Republic of South Africa. The creation of a Republic was one of the Afrikaners’ long-term goals since the Great Trek of 1835.

On 5 October 1960 a referendum was held. Many South Africans voted for the change. Dr. Verwoerd also managed to keep the system of government almost exactly the same (except that the president would be chosen by both houses). The Republic of South Africa came into existence on 31 May 1961, chosen because it was the anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Vereeniging that had brought the Anglo-Boer War in 1902 to an end, after 27 000 Afrikaner Women and Children had been murdered in concentration camps set up by the British. Today another genocide is occurring in South Africa with a murder committed every 50 minutes.

Statistics available at:

4:06 AM  
Blogger Konrad Kruger said...

Any one with a thread of rational thought can see that just as different breeds/race of dogs have varying degrees of ability and skill, so it goes with the (1 Human SPECIES: sub-division: Race/Genus)
That out of the 6 Major Races of Mankind
Asian \ yellow.
European \ white.
Indian \ brown.
Amerindian \ red.
Australasian \ oceanic.
& African \ black.
Blacks are naturally skilled with rhythm and an ability to sing well but unfortunately their evolution in organization and leadership is the worst in the entire species lagging way behind all others.
North Korea might have a backward communist system but due to their racial (Asian) makeup their discipline is incredible, with the ability to threaten the worlds greatest White power (U.S.A.) with their nuclear and missile technology.
This is a general rule not to say that there are not exceptions within every race or culture.
Nature's law is supreme and we cannot blame the poor African (black) for the way it was made, even the parasites have a function in the chain of life, to weed out weakness in the gene pool. In human society there are those who destroy and there are others who build.
In South Africa the veld has to burn before the new life can rise up again stronger than before.

4:09 AM  
Blogger bling said...


I'm a moderate conservative white. While I agree with you that the "there is no race - but the human race" school of thought is bullshit, I don't condone the way in which you depict blacks. How can you humiliate them and expect them to like you, or even to listen to what you have to say? Put yourself in their shoes and listen to yourself.

A kind word is far more likely to get you somewhere. Hostility should be the last resort. Try to help them where you can, without compromising the welfare of your own people. As a christian white person, you should set an example of how to treat people of other races.

6:31 AM  
Blogger rrr said...

Yep, more great attractions for World Cup 2010!!

9:10 PM  
Blogger Voxceltica said...


"How can you humiliate them and expect them to like you"

I don't give a damn if "them" like me. As long as people respect the sanctity of my person and property they can think what they like about me. Do you honestly think that Black people spend their spare time fretting about what opinion Whites have of them? If they did wouldn't they conduct themselves differently?

Why is it humiliation to tell the truth about people? Do you think as a Christian that God wants Blacks to destroy nations when there are millions of Whites capable of implementing order, legality and prosperity? Should we let children play in traffic because not allowing them to do so would make them unhappy?

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that by my own doing, I have been secluded from what has been happening in the good old Republik van SA, and I thank God that I have.

I was also a moderate "blank" but after viewing the squallor and vandalism of what once was an Internation Powerhouse (in 1985 I paid ZAR830.00 for $US1000.00), I start to question Verwoerd, Vorster and all the rightwing policies which were in place.

I believe that the problems goes back further than these relatively modern day leaders, back to Piet Retief and the Voortrekkers. Maybe they should not have stopped at Blood River!

8:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a horrible place!

7:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

typical of all black countries, you dont have to be a racist to accept reality, it speaks for itself , its visible on all the worlds stages , the blacks just cant do it, even when their blessed , with gold silver or oil , they enjoy living in the enviroment that eneviatably they create,

3:24 AM  

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